Friday, January 8, 2010

Old School Regimen - 2008

Back in 2008 my school friend Natalie asked me about my hair care regimen. This is what I told her back then:

Lois St Brice October 7, 2008 at 3:43pm

girl. lol. this gonna be kinda long so bear with me. lol

i don't really have no special secret except patience, love and The key is to minimize manipulation and moisturize so that u don't get breakage. i co-wash my hair about 2-3 times per week using conditioner as shampoo (the one i using now is paul mitchell detangling conditioner but honestly just try to find something that has as few artificial products as possible and works for your hair. stay away from products with silicones and stuff). i prob use shampoo like once a month (i using pantene curl hydration right now), best is to use a clarifying shampoo to remove product buildup. when you wash ur hair try not to wash it wild wild so it tangle (it hard to resist trying to get as much foam as possible. lol), focus on the scalp and when u wash it out the product in the hair shaft itself will wash out. if my hair is really tangle up, like if i had it in twists or something for like a month cuz i lazy lol, i usually detangle before i wash. i love pantene detangler it works wonders! i comb out my hair with the conditioner in it that way it is easier to manage when i done washing but if ur hair dont really tangle you could bypass that. i deep conditioner my hair once a week or every two weeks and for that i using lekair hair cholesterol right now but hair mayonnaise or olive oil products are good too. with the cholesterol i usually leave it in for an hour, put a shower cap and hot towel over it and let it steam. if u do it longer than that the hair does get stiff. with the mayo or olive oil sometimes i leave it in overnight (wash my hair before i go to bed and then in the morning wash out the conditioner and go my merry way. lol i do a protein treatment once a month or more regular (once every two weeks max) if i see breakage and for that i use nexxus emergencee repair or something so it called. trust me, it works wonders and ur hair is so much stronger after. when i done wash i usually put in infusium 23 leave in conditioner, a moisturiser, hair growth oil and i good to go. usually i doh comb it i either wear it in a fro or put it in one but not too tight. for gel i swear by IC soft gel with highlights! lol. works for ur curls and for a slick look, although if ur hair curly like mine u might need some of that hard gel to make it behave if u want the slick back stay away from anything with alcohol in it. i also use olive oil glosser sometimes. other than that make sure ur hair always moisturised i use olive oil and shea butter products mostly. i try to stay away from a comb as much as possible! lol. every so often though imma do some small twists and leave it in for a while and wash with it in. hope this helps and let me know if u wanna know anything else! i feel i might make some youtube videos or something cuz real ppl asking meh about my hair all of a sudden. lol check out this facebook group too. they have lots of good websites. good luck!

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