Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday ritual - Today's wash 01/10/10

So today I just co-washed with Tresemme Natural Conditioner with Vitamin's C and E with my 8 box braids still in. I then took down each braid one by one, moisturised with my Nexxus Botanical leave-in, Africa's Best Hair Oil with Ginseng and Motions Oil Moisturiser in that order, Organix Coconut Milk split end mender on the ends and then rebraided, splitting each original section in two. I must say there has been a HUGE improvement in my ends. they are much smoother now, I can braid right down to the end without tangles or frizzing. I took a couple pics so here goes:

Post Wash, taking down the braids one at a time. I think passing bra strap length (aka bsl) by the end of the year is doable. lol. note the massive amount of shrinkage I got going on

Front view of my growth. nipple length. LMAO.shrinkage even more severe here. Pardon my expression,  I promise I'm not mad. lol

Completed protective styling. 8 braids in the back, 6 in the front and two imitation cornrows on my edges in the front. I call them imitation because I can't cornrow to save my life. lol

Completed protective style backview. This style will stay in all week. I'll moisturise & baggy my hair nightly.

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