Monday, January 11, 2010

Natural Hair Acronyms and Definitions

So thanks to my sister for the idea of doing this post. She read the blog and then was like " it looking good eh but i feeling like an ignoramus cuz I doh know what half those terms mean. Co-wash, curlisto, bagging, bsl, what is that?!" LMAO. So I thought maybe I can make a collection of terms and acronyms as I come across them/ use them so ppl can know what is meant by these things. Similarly if there is a term u see often and don't know what it is please suggest that I include it n the list. here goes!

Co-wash - the process of washing one's hair using conditioner instead of shampoo. The idea behind this is that conditioners contain surfactants just like shampoos do but have much less of a drying effect as well as usually contain less damaging chemicals than regular shampoos, so u get a good clean but your hair remains moisturized and is less tangled.

Baggy Method - aka baggying. Used to maintain moisture in hair, particularly the ends, thus preventing split ends and retaining length. Involves moisturizing ones hair, usually the ends, using whatever products one choses and then using a plastic bag, ziploc bag, plastic cap, saran wrap or similar material to wrap the ends of one's hair or the whole head, as one prefers. May be used as a nightly routine to replenish moisture on a daily basis. May also be used if one is using a protective style such as a wig, half wig or ponytail so you can protect your own ends while wearing the wig/pony. See here for an example.

Curlisto Method - a method used to define curls. Similar methods include the Curly primer method and the KCCC method. Named for the brand of products used in the original method, this method can basically be done using various brands of leave in conditioners and curl defining gels but the two major brands ppl use are Curlisto and Kinky Curly. Cheaper alternatives include IC Fantasia or Ecostyler Gels. It involves a method known as shingling whereby a curl activator gel is applied to wet, detangled, moisturized hair, section by section, by running your fingers through the section rather than combing with a brush or comb. See example here.

BSL - hair growth term: bra strap length

APL - hair growth term: arm pit length

SL - hair growth term: shoulder length

MBL - hair growth term: mid back length

KCCC - Kinky Curly Curling Custard: product that can be used for shingling ones hair to enhance curl definition


  1. Ur welcome hun. keep checking back cuz this is a work in progress. trust me there is a whole lot more mysterious acronyms out there. LMAO